Our conference will take place in Go Hotel Shnelli which is located in the city centre, in the immediate vicinity of Tallinn’s medieval old town, Shnelli Park and the historic railway station – Balti Jaam.


For most of our seminars and lectures we will also meet at Go Hotell Shnelli, which offers us a comfortable and innovative “Conference car”. The exterior of which resembles an aged train car but the interior is anything but old. The inside is spacious and cozy with great layout solutions.


Go Hotel Shnelli offers its guest beautifully decorated rooms, some overlooking the charming Old Town and some rooms offer views of the historic railway. Every morning the attendees will be greeted by a rich buffet breakfast to kick-start the day! Also the friendly and experienced staff of Go Hotel Shnelli will make sure that our stay is comfortable and exquisite in every way!