ELSA is open for all students studying law and young law practitioners, who respect ELSA’s goals and support ELSA’s direction of development.

As an ELSA alumnus, You can still be connected to ELSA after Your membership period.

To become an alumnus You have to fill out a form and pay a one-time alumnus fee of 20€. Unlike the membership status, alumnus status does not have to be renewed every academic year. (MTÜ ELSA Estonia,  EE347700771001218939, LHV Pank – to explanation Your name and “alumnus”. For example: Jüri Saar, alumnus)

The following are some of the alumi rights:

  • A chance to be elected to the audit commitee

  • Possibilities to take part in events and use the association’s help and services

  • Propose suggestions to the association’s and district boards in matters regarding the association’s activity