Audit Commitee

The audit commitee is the association’s control body. The members are chosen from the association’s members and alumni for one year during the general meeting. The audit commitee has three to five members.


The audit commitee’s tasks are to evaluate the association’s sustainability, function’s purposefulness and activities effectiveness. To do that, the audit commitee reviews the organization’s work from the past year, including the use of assets, scheduled events taking place, achieving set goals etc. The audit commitee submits a report to the recurrent associations general meeting. The report notes the body’s achievements and weak spots and suggests changes to improve.



The audit commitee has the right to:


  • Check on the association’s financial situation, bank accounts and accounting documents;

  • Take part in the board and division board meetings and be informed about the decisions made by the board and division boards.

  • Summon an emergency general meeting following the regulations described in the statue.

Members of the audit commitee:

  • Merily Rool

  • Kadri-Liis Raun

The audit commitee can be contacted via email –